1. VGOD added to Evapes range of premium E-Liquids

    Evape are proud to annaounce to addition of VGOD to our range of premium E-Liquids. 

    VGOD Master Mixologists understand how to truly capture the right balance and depth of flavors. VGOD has a remarkable selection of six premium e-juice lines that includes Dessert, Candy, Fruit, Lush, Cigar and the Bomb line. There is an e-juice for all distinct palates in the VGOD premium e-juice collection.

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  2. MET4 added to Evapes growing selection of E-Liquids

    Following the success of Golden Ticket we at Evape have decided to add the full range of MET4 E-Liquids to our ever growing collection.

    SaveurVape introduces the MET4 line up with nostalgic milky flavors blending rich creamy milk with your choice of chocolate or strawberry. Each flavor comes basked in milky goodness with the perfect balance of strawberry or chocolate. These flavors have taken the industry by storm and will be sure not to disappoint and will certainly meet your milky chocolate expectations. At Premium Vape Supply we’re pleased to offer these flavors in value-packed, well-packaged 50ml bottles.
    SaveurVape premium E-Liquid manufacturing is brought to you from sunny Southern California. Establishied in 2015, Saveurvape is well-known for manufacturing and dis
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  3. Cut to the chase with Cuttwood e-liquids

    Cuttwood are certainly cutting a swathe through the world of vaping! This California based company have made a big impact with the quality of their e-liquids and are devoted to providing consistency in all their product lines. Truly top tier tastes for all you lucky vapers out there! They really are The Sauce Boss.  

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  4. Cargas de nicotina o nico shots

    Con las nuevas leyes de TPD europeas, la mayoría de fabricantes han optado por los e-líquidos de formato “short-fill” o de llenado corto que vienen con el espacio para añadirle una o dos cargas de nicotina, ya que no se nos permite vender e-líquidos que incluyan nicotina si la botella es más grande de 10 ml. Por lo tanto, cualquier e-liquido de más de 10 ml (la mayoría de las marcas premium) requerirán que le añadas la nicotina por separado mediante una "carga de nicotina" en formato de 10 ml. Por lo que, dependiendo del tamaño de la botella, deberás añadir cargas de nicotina en función de tu necesidad. Los tamaños normales de botellas de llenado corto son los siguientes:

    Los botes de llenado corto de 50 ml necesitan una carga de nicotina de 10 ml a 1.8 mg para hacer 60 ml a 0.3 de nicotina
    Los botes de llenado corto de 100 ml necesitan dos cargas de nicotina de 10 ml a 1,8 mg para obtener 120 ml a 0,3 de nicotina

    El tamaño de las botellas y el requ

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